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In a second recently reported study, researchers from the Chicago area documented that roughly half of the rheumatology patients on hydroxychloroquine HCQ in a regional health system and seen by an ophthalmologist during received an excessive dosage of the drug Ophthalmology. Although his study did not examine reasons for the compliance shortfall, Dr. Koppikar proposed some possible factors. HCQ comes only as mg tablets, and prescribing intermediate dosages can be a challenge although veteran clinicians know that a safe and easy way to dial down a dosage is to have the patient periodically skip a dose.

Koppikar said in an interview. James T. Vinicius Domingues. The ACR statement goes on to note that other authors have recommended a dosage of 6. That was a key finding in the poster presented at the Canadian Rheumatology Association by Dr. Koppikar and his collaborator on the study, Henry Averns, MD. Nearly two-thirds had a high risk for retinal toxicity. If the dosage guidelines were applied, the extent of overdosing might be even greater, Dr.

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Koppikar said. Koppikar and Dr.

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They have distributed these charts to the practices they audited and plan to do a follow-up audit to measure the effect of the intervention on HCQ prescribing. How long will I need to take hydroxychloroquine before I see an effect? Hydroxychloroquine does not work immediately and it may be 12 weeks or longer before any benefit is noted. Your doctor will advise you about this. Usually you will be started on a full dose for example, mg daily or 2 tablets of mg hydroxychloroquine and later your doctor may reduce the dose for example, to mg daily of hydroxychloroquine.

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Some patients may only need to take hydroxychloroquine two or three times per week when their disease is being well controlled. Side effects are uncommon; however, a few people may develop one of the following: rash, indigestion, diarrhoea, headache, blurred vision, cramps or muscle weakness, darkening of the skin, or bleaching of the hair.

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Hydroxychloroquine must be avoided during pregnancy as it may harm the unborn child. If you are planning a family, or wish to breast feed, you should seek advice from your doctor. Before starting on hydroxychloroquine your doctor may wish to carry out a blood test to check that your liver and kidneys are working normally. It should not be necessary to carry out regular blood tests.

Your doctor should also enquire about any visual problems you may have and check your vision before starting you on the medication; thereafter your vision should be checked once a year.

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Are there any other side effects if hydroxychloroquine is taken for a long time? Very rarely, high doses of hydroxychloroquine may damage the retina of the eye the layer of cells in the back of the eye that detects light and allows you to see. This possible damage is prevented by keeping the dose low. While you are taking hydroxychloroquine, annual eye tests are recommended. There is no particular reason for you to avoid alcohol while taking hydroxychloroquine, although it is advisable to adopt sensible drinking habits in line with the NHS guidelines. Most other drugs can be taken safely with hydroxychloroquine.

There are important interactions with Amiodarone and Digoxin taken for heart disease and with drugs used for epilepsy.

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However, if you start any new drugs, you should remind the doctor that you are already taking hydroxychloroquine. Indigestion remedies, including some that are sold over the counter, can stop hydroxychloroquine from being absorbed. If you want to know more about hydroxychloroquine, or if you are worried about your treatment, you should speak to your doctor or pharmacist.

This information sheet does not list all the side effects of hydroxychloroquine. For full details, please look at the drug information sheet enclosed in the hydroxychloroquine package:. Open in new window Give Feedback. Skip to main content. Conditions F - J Female pattern hair loss androgenetic alopecia Folliculitis barbae Folliculitis decalvans Fox-Fordyce disease Frontal fibrosing alopecia Fumaric acid esters Fungal infections of the nails Granuloma annulare Guselkumab Haemangioma of infancy Hailey-Hailey disease Hand Dermatitis Head lice Herpes Simplex Hidradenitis suppurativa Hirsutism How to care for your hands How to check your lymph nodes Hydroa vacciniforme Hydroxycarbamide Hydroxychloroquine Hyperhidrosis Ichthyosis Imiquimod cream Immunisation recommendations for children and adult patients treated with immune-suppressing medicines Impetigo Infliximab Intralesional steroid therapy Iontophoresis for hyperhidrosis Isotretinoin Ixekizumab Junctional epidermolysis bullosa Juvenile xanthogranuloma Next section.

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Which skin conditions are treated with hydroxychloroquine? These include: Various forms of lupus erythematosus Sarcoidosis Porphyria cutanea tarda Skin disorders caused or aggravated by the sun photosensitive skin disorders Granuloma annulare Lichen planus Urticaria vasculitis Sarcoidosis How long will I need to take hydroxychloroquine before I see an effect? When should I take hydroxychloroquine?

You should take hydroxychloroquine with or immediately after food.