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I had this experience myself. I showed the German pharmacist the rash on my leg, and asked him if he had something that might help. He sold me a tube of ointment that worked so well, I later tried to find it in the US.

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Aspercreme contains trolamine salicylate, but no aspirin! The only way I can get that medication is to buy it in Germany. One can only wonder why it is okay to have aspirin in a German ointment, but not in an American salve. Bringing Drugs vs Shipping Drugs This points out the importance of knowing if a particular drug is available overseas or not.

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If not, you need to bring an adequate supply with you with a written prescription from your physician, for customs. Be aware that German law prohibits the mailing or shipment of drugs, including prescription medicines, to private persons in Germany from the US or other foreign countries. However, if you are carrying prescribed medicine with you while traveling to Germany, that is permitted.

It is advisable to keep the drugs in the original prescription bottle or container with your name on it. An alternative is to ask your local Apotheker in pharmacist to convert your US prescription to the German equivalent.

COVID-19 outbreak: Wuhan hospital director one of the latest victims

He or she may require a visit to a local physician who can prescribe the medicine you need. Another bonus is that the German equivalent is often much cheaper than the same drug purchased in the US. Die Apotheke Anyone going to Germany or any of the other German-speaking countries also needs to know some of the important differences between medical practices there and in their home country.

Herbal medications are considered drugs and are rated for safety and efficacy. While it is easy to purchase a bottle of aspirin a German invention off the shelf in the US, even in a supermarket, in Germany you can only buy it in an Apotheke. In the US you can buy delayed-release omeprazole tablets in most grocery stores, just like aspirin or Tylenol. See photo above.

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  • The status of drugs can change over time. That could also happen in Switzerland and elsewhere in the near future.

    Always check with your local Apotheker or Apothekerin to be sure. Learn more about the topic of doctors, medications, and pharmacies on our Health Care in Germany page. Back Living in Germany.

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    • A Wuhan hospital director has become one of the latest victims of the coronavirus outbreak, Chinese authorities said. Liu Zhiming, 51, had taken part in the battle against COVID from the start and made important contributions to the work to control its spread, the Wuhan Health Commission said. He is believed to be the seventh Chinese health professional to have succumbed from the disease since the outbreak began in late December.

      The announcement of his death comes a day after Chinese health experts announced that they have found effective methods to treat the novel coronavirus which has now killed more than 1, people. The antimalarial drug Chloroquine Phosphate was found to have a certain curative effect on the virus, Chinese doctors said.

      Patients also received antiviral drugs. At least 73, people have been infected by the virus worldwide — 72, of them in China.

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      Watch an update from the World Health Organization on coronavirus in the video player above. Earlier in the day the World Health Organization had warned people to avoid stigmatising others with Dr Michael Ryan explaining that even though the coronavirus outbreak is "serious", outside of Hubei province in China, it's affecting a "very tiny, tiny, tiny proportion of people". The WHO also responded to questions about the diagnostic test, stating that no test is "foolproof".

      Meanwhile, Chinese authorities announced a drop in new cases of coronavirus, an update that should be interpreted "very cautiously" the World Health Organisation said on Monday.