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I made the choice to drink the tea as preferable to dying. An hour later I was able to sleep. Now 37 hours later I feel excellent. My urgent care visits in Day 3 and 14 both showed completely clear lungs with no hint of any infection. Is there some way the fingertip oxygen test was fooled by the virus? I read a chinese paper referenced below that somehow covid attacks hemoglobin. Please help me understand why these worked. I hear the zinc allowed in theory and the endosome prevention theory.

The evidence of chloroquine’s effectiveness is very weak

What do you think is really going on? And please email me who I should contact. I believe this is evidence — the stopping and starting of quinine correlating exactly to my symptoms is evidence. On Day 3 I was not tested for covid because I never had a fever. By the afternoon I had immediate improvement. Day I had no chest tightness, but had strange symptoms moving through parts of my body, such as a moving full feeling in various parts of my lungs.

I used this dose because I found Chinas current recommended dose of hChloroquine for covid was the same dose widely used for once you have malaria not the prophylactic malaria dose which is much less. Chemistry people on here could look it up please do but near as I could tell 1 gram of red cinchona equals about 1 mg hchloroquine pill.

Steep in boiling water for 7 minutes.

COVID-19 treatment. Do the drugs hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin work? We take a closer look!

I include large and small bark particles evenly, avoid just using dust because the dose will be too strong. Folks, I do not want this to become a forum for self-dosing recipes, etc. Please take this to some other means of communication — thanks! Your email address will not be published. Time limit is exhausted. All rights Reserved.

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